Feldherrnhalle Munich

Feldherrnhalle Munich

Feldherrnhalle by night

Adolf Hitler - you might dare to say - started his carreer in Munich. He started as an orator in front of crowds of half drunken that flocked the beer halls of Munich in the 1930s. The situation was desperate: Germany was still suffering from World War I that ended 1918. Inflation and political turmoil left people insecure and with no hope for improvement without radical changes. Adolf Hitler and his "Sturm-Abteilung" SA; tried to gain power by a coup directed against the Bavarian government. That attempt culminated in the "March to Feldherrnhalle". Many were killed at Feldherrnhalle, Hitler was incarcereted for a few months. That's when he wrote "Mein Kampf", a book that was put on index in Germany after world war II had ended.

The Feldherrnhalle actually is a late, that takes remembrance of the Florentine "Loggia dei Lanzi". And the Odeonsplatz in front, with baroque Theatinerkirche, the Siegestor and the Hofgarten is one of the most beautiful squares of Munich. There is an open air café at the entrance of Hofgarten where you may let your eyes wander along the silhouttes.

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