Olympic Park Munich

Olympic Park Munich

Right across the autobahn that passes by the BMW Museum Munich(a pedestrian bridge traverses) the tent-like domes of the "Olympiagelände" rise above the motorway. The stadium plus swimming pool and Munich olympic park buildings indoor arenas were erected to house the Olympic Games of 1972, worldwide transmitted via emissions from a 300 m high, new "Fernsehturm" (TV-tower).

Consider those games of 1972 as one of the most remembered events of German post war history - tragically ending in an act of terrorism, at a time when an internal discussion - mostly among youths - was going on in Germany about socialism being an acceptable alternative to the "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle), partly fed by the thought that the German economical system was still rooted in a system that "made Auschwitz and Dachau possible."

The revolutionary new architecture of the Olympic Park Buildings in Munich radically turned away from all tradition on how to build an arena for the masses and thus can be considered as a symbol of how totally different the German post war society was or at least tried hard to be from the Germany that brought Adolf Hitler to power. The light, tent-like construction is very much the opposite to the Nazi-architecture of the Munich "Kunsthaus" for example that calls out for "1000 years of rulership".

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