Museums in Munich

Museums in MŘnchen

Museums in MŘnchen

Deutsches Museum
Museumsinsel 1
80538 München
Tel. 089 - 2179 - 1
Fax 089 - 2179 - 324
This is just heaven for young kids, to get to grips with natureand physics.
The German Museum is so large it may take a few days to just graspand glimps at all what is exhibited. But - just watching doesnot suffice - this museum is for touch. Most exhibition roomsare actually small chambers for experimentation. Children andgrown ups are allowed and encouraged to push the buttons and seewhat happens. For some real life exhibits the extensive buildingthat covers a whole island in the river of Isar just was not largeenough. The "Flugwerft Schleißheim" has real airplanesondisplay. And then, there is the Verkehrszentrum at Theresienhöhe14a (near the site of the Oktoberfest) where you can take a lookat old tram and train wagons:
Entrance fee for all three museums is 10 Euro.
The museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 pm
The Verkehrszentrum is open daily from 9 to 5, on Thursdays it is open until 7 pm


Museum Mensch und Natur
Schloss Nymphenburg
80638 München
Telefon: 089 - 179589-0
Fax:  089 - 179589-100
This museum has "Man and Nature" as its name. And that's what is a very up to date topic these days: you might find a trace to follow on what processes this planet has undergone in its history and what catastrophs might lie ahead. Evolution is the word. Try to understand Darwin and Mendel, too. There is a cabinet on "genes" as well that informs about the newest acquisition of the human mind in the realm that once was left to god. Another exhibit is made up of "speaking stones" which talk about their experiences since they were born 4 billion years ago. And there is a whole compartment devoted to "eating"...
Open Tuesday until Sunday 9 am to 5 pm
Entrance fee grown ups: 2,50 Euro, children 6-14 0,75 Euro
Free entrance for children accompanied by grown ups.
Free entrance for alll on Sundays.


Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum
Neuhauser Str. 2
Tel. 089 - 22 05 22
Fax 089 - 290 40 37
Who has visited "Man & Nature", see above, might take a look into the "German Museum of Hunting and Fishery". Many exhibits are stuffed dead animals...
Open daily from 9.30 am to 5 pm.
On Thursdays open until 9 pm, except on holidays.
Regular entrance fee for grown ups is 3,50 Euro.


Paläontologischen Museum München
Richard-Wagner-Straße 10
Tel. 089 - 2180 6630 Fax 089 - 2180 6601
E-mail: pal.sammlung@lrz.uni- This museum comes as close to Jurassic Park as it is able to: the exhibits are predominantly "cambrian" - in case you don't know what that is: it is the place to go to. Stones and bones are not to be touched, and some of them have faded to grey: ammonites and other animals have left their traces in the sand... Be aware that you ought not come here undone: there are didactic units that want you to understand "geobiology": how men, animals and plants are intertwisted and share a common fate on this planet.
Open Monday to Thursday 8 - 16, Friday 8 - 14 h.
First Sunday each month open from 10 to 16 h.

Botanische Staatssammlung und Botanischer Garten
Menzinger Str. 65
80638 München
Tel. 089 - 17861-350/351
Fax 089 - 17861-340
Near the castle of Nymphenburg with its baroque gardens the Botanic Gardens boasts 22 acres of exhibitions space - 4 acres thereof are under glass roofs -, 14 000 different kind of plants and 400 000 visitors each year. Not only the European world of plants is on exhibit, they have set up some real life copies of desert and jungle as well. If you are more into the plants of the region you might visit the Alpengarten am Schachen (1850 m), outside of Munich, on 1850 m altitude in the Bavarian alps.
The garden is open daily, not on December 12 and 31.
Opening hours during months:
January, November, December 9.00 - 16.30 h
February, March, October 9.00 - 17.00 h
April, September 9.00 - 18.00 h
May - August 9.00 - 19.00 h
Greenhouses will be closed half an hour earlier, they will be closed from 11.45 to 13.00 h, except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Evening opening according o anouncement. Ticket grown ups 3 Euro, reduced 2 Euro
Sonderausstellungen: 4 Euro, reduced 3 Euro


Stiftung Otto Eckart
Grafinger Straße 2
81671 München
Tel. 089 - 404050
Telefax: 089 - 408186
The "Potato Museum" is a private museum that exclusively caters to the artistical aspects of this fruit of the earth that has been the "nourishment for the masses" as well as it lay on the dinner plates of Prussian King Frederic the Great. On display are paintings and drawings covering all aspects of the potato.
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays, only by arrangement
Friday 9.00 h until 18.00 h
Samstag 11.00 h until 17.00 h

Geologisches Museum und Museum "Reich der Kristalle"
Luisenstraße 37 
80333 München 
Telefon: +49-89/2180-6566 
Fax +49-89/2180- 6601 
E-mail: Before men, plants and animals there were stones. Consider the birth of the earth over 4 billion years ago on 450 square meters of exhibition space. On display is a wide variety of stones and crystals. Entrance is free. Closed Sundays (first Sunday every month open from 9 - 16 h).
Opening hours: : Monday until Friday 8 - 18 h.
Every first Sunday of a month 9 - 16 h.
Free entrance.


BMW-Museum Zeithorizont
Now this is something: cars by BMW on display. All ages, all kind. In spring 2006 the new "BMW World" will open its doors. Of course, the homepage is as high tech as their cars are: BMW World. The old museum that is going to be replaced is closed. Partly, the exhibitis are on display in the"Weltkugel" at the parking at Olympiaturm/Olympic Tower. Regular entrance fee is 2,00 █.


Siemens Forum München
Siemens Forum Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 20
80333 München mensforum/cgi/output.cgi
Siemens - this is a brand name that is known worldwide. The world of every day life would be very different if there had not been enterprises like Siemens to put electricity in every house. From October 2005 to 31st of December 2010 the exhibiton "Milestones is on display - a technological journey through past, present time and future.
Opening hours: : Sunday until Friday from 9 to 17 h, closed Saturday


Alpines Museum
Praterinsel 5
Phone: 089 - 21 12 24-0
Fax: 089 - 21 12 24-40
The "Alpine Museum" has a steady show on display that is named "History of Alpinism". There are temporary exhibitions as well, in 2005 the title is "Mit der Nase in die Berge" which could be translated to "To the mountains with your nose" (in 2005). There are guided tours and there is a program for children and for groups. You will find futher information on this webpage as well: de/ausstellungen/alpines_museum.htm
Opening hours: : Tuesday til Fridays 13-18 h, Saturday and Sunday


Anthropologische Staatssammlung
Karolinenplatz 2a
Tel. 089 - 548 84 38 - 0
Fax 089 - 548 84 38 - 17
ASM.Grupe (at) Anthro.html
In a modest building from around 1880 hides an archive for dug out bones; real skeletons of early man can be viewed on display. This collection is to be found near the main station, northeast of it.

Archäologische Staatssammlung
Lerchenfeldstraße 2, near Haus der Kunst
Tel. 089 - 2112- 402, Fax 089 2112-4401  
The "Archaeological Collection of the State of Bavaria" shows artefacts from the beginnings of human settlement inBavaria until the times of Charles the Great (about 800 AD). There are changing exhibitions as well with a lot of events, for childen, too. For the time being (end of 2005) the department "Times ofthe Romans" is closed because of renovation.
Opening hours: : daily except Monday 9.00 - 16.30 h
Entrance fee:
Sunday 1, 00 Euro
grown ups: 2, 50 Euro
reduced: 1, 50 Euro
students: 0, 50 Euro

Architekturmuseum der TUM
The "Polytechnical University of Munich" set up an architectural showroom as early as 1868. These rooms were destroyed by allied bombing in World War, too. Since 1975, the "Museum for Architecture" has organized more than 40 exhibitions, mostly in the rooms of the Stadtmuseum München. There are plans for a new building.

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum
Tel. 089 - 211 24-01
Fax 089 - 211 24-201
The "Bavarian National Museum" celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2005. It was founded by the Bavarian King Maximilian II. In 1855, according to his will, a building was constructed that meanwhile houses the museum for ethnology, for only some 40 years later, in 1894 a second building was erected to house a collection of art and crafts. Those masterpieces of Bavarian craftmanship were meant to cover all eras of history, from medieval times to the 19th century (if you are into modern design you should visit the "Neue Sammlung" at Pinakothek der Moderne). The National Museum of Bavaria is a so called "Gesamtkunstwerk", a term set up to dscribe the ideas of art at the end of the 19th century: all aspects of human endeavor should be casted together. Acccording to this theory, the building in its facades reflects what is inside, the architectural plans considered the specific exhibits that would be shown in the rooms and floors to be constructed. All this maybe shows the importance of craftmanship at the time "Pride and Prejudice" hit the bookshelves in Victorian England. Think about how many honest, diligent and talented men not only lost their "job" but their profession when furniture, shoes and clothes were suddenly massproduced by stupid machines. It seems worth a second thought how this process relates to "nationalism" that had its heydays at the same time and whose culmination in German national-socialism took his start in Munich beer cellars. Strangely, by the name of the architect you will also be able to make a call for a jug of beer: "Seidl".
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 - 17 h, Thursday 10 - 20 h
Adults █ 3, Reduced rate █ 2, Groups (from 5 pers.) █ 2
Free admission for members, children, and young persons under 18
Free admission on Sundays
The entrance prices do not apply for special exhibitions.

A privat enterprise: a certified farmer has collecte 639 computers, " 467 differents types, 97 different printers, 116 different versions of operating systems, 421 different software packages for CP/M, MS/PC-DOS and 16 Bit Windows". By 2005, this museum was a virtual one only, but there are plans for real rooms in Munich.

Jüdisches Museum München
Projektbüro c/o Kulturreferat
Burgstraße 4
80331 München
Tel. 089 - 233 -25388
Fax 089 - 233 - 24147
In 1930 the "Jewish Museum Society" was founded, however, plans for a museum for Jewish culture and history were thwarted when the nazis seized power in 1933 (the "Machtergreifung"). Today, there are plans for a new building. The architects Wandel Hoefer Lorch have won the architectural contest in 2001. At the moment, the Jewish Museum is situated in the house of the Jewish community in Reichenbachstrasse 27. There are plans to a new house for the Jewish community and a synagogue, too.
Opening hours: : Tuesday ╩ 14 - 18 h Wednesday 10 - 12 h and 14 - 18 h, Thursday ╩ 14 - 20 h ╩


Kinder- und Jugendmuseum e. V
Arnulfstr. 3
80335 München
Tel. 089 - 54 54 08 80
Fax 089 - 54 54 09 90
This is some kind of a Munich secret: not a bad way to say good bye to the city. On the north side of the main train station lies a museum devoted to children and young people. There are ongoing exhibitions, for instance on the history of paper, until 5th of March 2005. Of couse, lots of possibilities to take part. The entrance fee is 3.50 Euro.


The homepage is currently not available - so try again next year...


Münchner Sanitätsmuseum
Photos and documents to illustrate the history of first-aid medicine. You will find real old ambulances, vehicles, instruments. The museum is open by arrangement.

Münchner Stadtmuseum
St.-Jakobs- Platz 1
80331 München
Tel. 089-233 22370
Fax 089-233 25033
The Museum of the city of Munich covers a wide variety of topics which makes it must see for every visitor in town. The museum is situated right in the middle of the city, close to Marienplatz, southwest of the square. The building is a very ancient one, dating from the middle ages, that has been carefully renovated. Among the departments to mention is the "Museum for Fashion", the "Museum for Musical Instruments", "National Socialism in Munich". There are changing exhibitions. Until February 2006 there is an exhibition on Bavarian culture, the "The Bavarian Myth", open until 5th of March is an exhibition on fashion and arts & craft of the twenties. To be seen are works by Munich artists and designers. Closed on Mondays. Free entrance on Sundays.



Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde München
Maximilianstraße 42
80538 München
Tel. 089 - 2101 36 100
Fax 089 - 2101 36 247
The museum was founded during the heydays of colonialism, in 1868. In the year 1830 King Ludwig I had bought a collection of indian and oceanic artefacts. This was the start of an ever extending ethnographic collections that now boasts "second largest" in Germany (no. 1 is Völkerkundemuseum in Berlin). Each year the museum grabs a special topic which it organizes an exhibition on. Beginning on Octoer 26 there is an exhibition on Dschingis Khan, the Mongolian ruler whose armed riders reached Europe in the 13th century.
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag - Sonntag 9.30 - 17.15 Uhr
Eintrittspreise Dauerausstellungen: Erwachsene: Euro 3,00 sonntags: Euro 1,00
Kinder bis 15 Jahre und Schulklassen frei
Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel: U4, U5: Lehel; S-Bahn: Isartor; Tram 17, 19: Max II. Denkmal



Visual arts



Valentin Musäum
Im Isartor
80331 M?nchen
Telefon: 089 / 22 32 66
Telefax: 089 / 29 46 72
Who doesn't know him can't be a true Munichois. He and his partner Liesl Karlstadt are among the most famous comedian in German history. And among the first ones whoses voices were recorded. Hence the museum? Don't think so. Karl Valentin is a Germany Charly Chaplin, and his jokes are really international. The museum is financed by the city of Munich. About the opening hours and fees you are to consult the homepage: "day and night, from the outside, for free - entrance fee: grown ups 1,99 Euro, children, pupils and students 1,49 Euro. Children under 6 yeas and 99 year old accompanied by their parents have free entrance."
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday from 11.01 to 17.29 h, Friday from 11.01 h to 19.59, Sundays from 10.01 to 17.29 h., Closed Mondays and Thursdays.



Haus der Kunst
Prinzregentenstraße 1
80538 München
Tel. 089 - 21 1270, Fax 211 27 - 157
täglich 10 - 20 h
At the southern side of the "English Garden" (Englischer Garten). The building with its row of Greek pillars in front of the facade was constructed in the year 1932, i.e. one year before Hitler and the Nazis took power in 1933. The building became known when the nazis used it to show their exhibition "Entartete Kunst" which was the starting point of the persecution of intellectuals and artists in the "Third Reich". Nowadays, the Haus der Kunst has successfully overcome its sad past. Almost every three weeks there is a vernissage of an exhibition of very avantgardistic modern art.
Open dailxy 10 - 20 h.
Entrance fee: exhibitions 7 / 5 Euro
Youth (under 18) 2 Euro
Children younger than 15 have free entrance.


Alte Pinakothek
Barer Straße 27
Tel. (089) 23805 216
"Masterpieces of European Painting from the 14th to the 19th century" are on display. This is as classical as an art museum can get. All the painters whom you might have had encounters with in school or even kindergarten - here you have the originals in oil: Dürer, Cranach - just until 1800. Then, the Neue Pinakothek takes over, see below.
Open daily except Monday from 10 to 17 h, Tuesday until 20 h
Regular entrance fee 5 Euro

Neue Pinakothek
Barerstrasse 29
80333 München
Tel. 089 - 23805 - 195, Fax - 185
This museum is devoted to the painting of the 19th century - a century when realistic painting was at a maximum, technically speaking. The topics, however, were restricted to classical myths and legends, to military successes and the sagas of the courts. So, maybe you will not be able to speak the language of these masterpieces, however, they should be "loud" enough to open your eyes - the sizes in height, width and lenght are mostly enormous. And some bare breasts, too.
Tuesday to Thusday 10 - 17 h, Thursday and Friday until 20 h.
Regular entrance 9 Euro, reduced 5 Euro.

Pinakothek der Moderne
Barerstrasse 40
80333 München
Tel. 089 - 23805-0
Di - Do 10 - 17 h, Do und Fr zusätzlich until 20 h
Around 1900 the idyllic "victorian" years were over. Industrialisation and the "explosion of the population" - that's the German expression for a high birth rate - led to social problems, and this turmoil was reflected by modern art. The Pinkothek der Modern just recently opened. In a vast new building you can take a look at outstanding examples of the fine art of the 20th century. The arts and crafts are represented in the "Neue Sammlung" that formerly was located in Prinzregentenstraße. It is a colletion of industrial design, from simple furniture to the automobile (who's interested in automobiles should not miss out the BMW Museum, see above).
Opening hours: daily except Tuesday 10.00 - 17.00
Wednesday 10.00 - 20.00 h
Regular entrance fee 9 Euro
Entrance fee Sunday 5 Euro
reduced 3,50
Jahreskarte f?r die drei Pinakotheken 70 Euro, reduced 40 Euro


Staatlichen Graphischen Sammlung München
Meiserstr. 10
80333 München
Tel. 089 - 28 92 76 50
Fax 089 - 28 92 76 53
More than 400 000 drawings of all ages make up what is one of the most renowned collections of graphical art in the world. In Germany, its sole competitors are in Berlin and Dresden. Among the artists are Dürer and Rembrandt. In the "Studiensaal" you are being shown specific drawings on request, so this cannot be called a museum in the usual sense, it is more like a swiss bank. You need your passport or identity card. On Tuesdays, you can have your personal art treasures estimated by experts, for free. If you don't want to use your passport: there are changing exhibitions in the Pinakothek der Moderne (Barer Straße 40, 80333 München), see above.
Opening hours Studiensaal: Tuesday and Wednesday 10 - 13 h und 14 - 16.30 h Thursday 10 - 13 h and 14 - 18 h, Friday 10 - 12.30 h
Exhibitions Pinakothek der Moderne: Tuesday to Sunday 10 - 17 h, Thursday/Friday 10 - 20 h.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10 - 17 h, Wednesday until 20 h, Monday from 10 - 17 h, closed Tuesdays.



Sammlung Goetz
Oberföhringerstr. 103
81925 München
Tel. 089 - 95 93 96 90
Fax 089 - 95 93 96 96 9
If you are into architecture more than into fine arts: you may not take the steps to the door. The home of this private collection of modern art has been designed by Herzog & De Meuron, one of the most renowned architects of today who also built the "Alllianz Arena", the new Munich football stadium.
Mo - Fr 14 - 18 h, Sa 11 - 16 h


Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau
Kunstbau Lenbachhaus U-Bahnhof Königsplatz
Luisenstraße 33
80333 München
Telefon 089/23 33 20 00
Telefax 089/23 33 20 03/4
The Lenbachhaus is very close to Propyläen and Glyptothek at Königsplatz which are must sees on your Munich visit. So you might as well take a glimpse into what once was the homa of a famous portraitis of the late 19th century. And - there is a collection of paintings of the "Blauer Reiter" on display. The Munich based "Blauer Reiter" ranges among the moste important art movements of the 20th century. Among the artists is Kadinsky who is one of the founding fathers of abstract paintings, i.e. what some people more or less call modern art. Next to Lenbachhaus is "Kunstbau" - that is an exhibition space under ground, in a subway station. In Lenbachhaus too, there are changing exhibitions of avantgarde art.
Regular entrance fee is 4 Euro. A family card is 6 - 15 Euro
Opening hours: Tueday to Sunday 10 - 20 h


Marienplatz 8 (Rathaus)
80313 München
Tel. 089 - 233 27 867 or 233 28500
Fax 089 - 233 21 261
Behind a simple name there is a "Prime Location". Rathaus means city hall, and should you visit the most central square of Munich beware to make an entrance into the honorabel building. A 650 square meter hall of the Rathaus has been transformed into an art gallery, beneath a glass dome, 8 meters high.
Von Dezember until Februar meist keine Ausstellungen.
Opening hours: daily except Monday 10.00 - 18.00 h, Thursday until 20.00 h

Lothringer 13
Lothringer Straße 13
81667 München
Tel. 089 - 448 69 61
Fax 089 - 688 62 44
For the time being one of the busiest exhibition spaces in Munich, supported by the city of Munich. There are also stand up comedy events, in German language, of cours.
Opening hours: Tuesday until Sunday 13 - 19 h.


Glyptothek und Antikensammlung
Staatliche Antikensammlungen
Königsplatz 1
Tel. 089 - 59988830
In the year 1830 the Bavarian king Ludwig I made his collection of greek an roman Sculputres open to the public. For this, he had a building constructed that became one of the first museums, built by the Munich architect Leo von Klenze. The group of buildings at Königsplatz is well worth visiting and being gazed at from the outside. However, there are exhibitions, too, not to mention the Lenbachhaus and the Pinakotheken that are very near.
Opening hours: : Tuesday until Sunday 10 - 17 h, Wednesday 10 - 20 h
Entrance: 3,- Euro, reduced 2,- Euro, (Sunday 1,- Euro)


Theatinerstr. 8, Perusahof/Fünf Höfe
80333 München
Tel. 089 - 25 54 09 70
Fax 089 - 29 16 09 81
"Five Courtyards" is the name of a brand new shopping mall, at Theatinerstraße north ofMarienplatz, close to ganz in der Residenz and Feldherrnhalle. This is actually a remake of an existing building that has been transformed by the Swiss star architects Herzog & De Meuron. Embedded in the shopping galleries is the private art museum of the bank "Hypo- und Vereinsbank", that also features a nice café. The exhibitions feature modern and contemporary but also ancient art, and theme exhibitions.
Opening hours: during exhibitions daily from 10 til 20 h.
Opening hours: Café: daily 10 - 20 h.
Regular entrance fee: from 7 Euro, varies.
On schedule for 2006:
18. November 2005 to  5. February 2006: Carl Larsson - A Fairy Tale from Sweden  
24. February  2006 to 21. May 2006: 100 years of "Brücke" - Expressionism from Berlin  
2. June 2006 to  13. August 2006: Back to Configuration. Contemporary Painting.
22. September 2006 to 7. January 2007: Auguste Rodin - The Kiss.


Kunstbunker Tumulka
Grillparzerstraße 46
81675 München
Bunker Prinzregentenstraße 97a
81677 München
Tel.: 0 89 - 45 55 55-41
Fax: 0 89 - 45 55 55-33
Munich was almost completely destroyed by allied air raids during the Second World War. A relict from these times is this bunker at the south side of the English Garden. It was errected 1942, seven floors high and was not destroyed. Since 1993 the rather drab rooms are used for art exhibitions.
Opening hours: Tuesday 14 - 18 h, Saturday/Sunday 15 - 18 h and according to apointment.

Kunstverein München
Galeriestraße 4     
80539 München
Tel. 089 - 221 152
Fax 089 - 229 352
"Kunstverein" is an association of citizens who care for art.
The Kunstverein München organizes exhibitions of contemporary art well worth visiting.
Tuesday to Sunday 11 - 19 h, Thursday 11 - 21 h.



Museum für Abgüsse klassischer Bildwerke
Haus der Kulturinstitute
Meiserstraße 10
80333 München
Tel. 089 - 289-2 76 90
Fax 089 - 289-2 76 80
In the late 19th century the university of Munich had copies of anique sculptures made, that were put on display in the Hofarkaden of the the Residenz, in 1932. There, they were destroyed in an allied bombardement in the year 1944. Since 1994 most of these copies, that have been remade, are on display again.
Opening hours: : work day10 - 17 h.
Entrance is free.


Prinzregentenstrasse 9
80538 München
Tel. 089 - 23805-224
This public art gallery can be rented and used for private occasion.
It is located in the center of Munich, east of the Residenz.
Regulärer Eintritt 2,50 Euro, Sonntag 1 Euro
Bus Nr. 100"Reitmorstraße"
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10 to 17 h.



Villa Stuck
Prinzregentenstr. 60
81675 München
Tel. 089 - 455 55 10
Fax 089 - 455 55 124     
Franz von Stuck was a "Malerfürst" of the turn of the century. He had this elegant villa built, in a style that might be called Victorian. Today, the house is a museum showing art works of this era that is called "Jugendstil" in German.
Opening hours: : Wednesday until Sunday, 11 - 18 h.
Bus: Museumslinie 100
U-Bahn: Max-Weber-Platz (U 4/5)/ Prinzregentenplatz (U 4)
Tram 18 (Haltestelle Friedensengel)
In 2006 the following exhibtions will take place:
24. August 2005 - 14. May 2006 "L´Art Nouveau - Schenkung Ziersch"
8. September 2005 - 15. January 2006 "Art of Tomorrow - Hilla von Rebay and Solomon R. Guggenheim"
8. September 2005 - 15. January 2006 "Zero Hour - Rupprecht Geiger and Hilla von Rebay"
8. September 2005 - 26. Februar 2006 Franz von Stuck - The Family of the Artist"


Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst
Hofgarten, München
Tel. 089 / 298546 (nur während der Opening hours: )
This museums shows Egyptian art of all centuries. Among the most renowned pieces is a drinking glass that is the oldest receptacle of mankind that could be exactly dated (1450 before Christ. The glass carries the inscription "Thutmosis' III").
Entrance is free for children under 16.
Opening hours: Tuesday until Friday 9 until 17 h, Saturday/Sunday 10 until 17 h, Tuesdays auch 19 until 21 h, closed Mondays.
Regular entrance fee 5.- (exhibitions)
Entrance fee on Sundays 1 Euro.
Entrance is free for children younger than 16.


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