Trade fairs in Munich

Trade fairs in Munich 2006

06.01.2006 - 08.01.2006
You will find arts and crafts, gifts, jewellery and accessories lifestyle and household article. This is a well established trade fair that is held twice a year

13.01.2006 - 15.01.2006
9th International Optics And Eyewear Exhibition
This is a meeting point for opticians and ophthalmologists.
Spectacle frames and glasses, sun glasses, contact lenses, optical instruments are presented..
Access only for professionals. You need to register. Open all days of the week, from 9 a.m until 6 p.m., Saturday until 7 p.m., Sunday until 5 p.m.

14.01.2006 - 15.01.2006, at M, O, C,
Everything young couples dream of for their wedding day.
Open only saturday 11 to 19 and sunday 11 to 19 h

24.01.2006 - 25.01.2006, im M,O,C,
In 2005, more than 3000 advertising experts visited this fair that covers all aspects of marketing and coomunication.

24.01.2006 - 25.01.2006, im M,O,C, Halle 1
This trade fair puts new merchandising articles on display.
Open only on Tuesdays.

29.01.2006 - 01.02.2006
ispo winter
More than 1500 exhibitors from more than 99 countries in 2005. Sport articles, sport fashion are being shown. Sadly, this trade fair is for professionals only, you need to register. Open from Sunday to Wednesday. The term "winter" relates to the dates of this trade fair, that is held twice a year, so summer wear can be seen as well.

16.01.2006 - 20.01.2006
OOP 2006
Practical Software Technology Decisions
This is an international trade fair only for experts and covers the development, operation, sale of software. The terms coined for this year are among others "service-oriented architectures, agile processes, product lines, offshoring". Furthermore, topics include Java, security, UML, mobile devices, embedded systems.

29.01.2006 - 01.02.2006
Internationale Fachmesse für Sportstyle - Fashion inspired by Sports
Since 2005, twice a year fashion and shoes are on display that are not for sport but inspired by sport. Only for registered professionals.

07.02.2006 - 09.02.2006, im M,O,C
"Leading Preview Trade Fair for Fabrics in Europe"
Access only for professionals.
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Held every half a year.

12.02.2006 - 13.02.2006, im M,O,C,
"Orderdays for Evening, Bridal and Cocktail Fashion."
First held 1996, this is a biannual fair. You might find evening gowns, cocktail fashion, special sizes, accessories, shoes, fashion for children. Access only for registered professionals.
Open Sunday and Monday   9 am to   6 pm.
Entrance is free. There is a free catalogue as well.

17.02.2006 - 19.02.2006, im M,O,C,
International Motorcycle Exhibition
This is a fair for motorcycle fans - open to the public, with direct sales. On 22.000 square meters you will see motorcycles and accessories, everything about tuning, fashion, travel.
Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.   .

17.02.2006 - 20.02.2006
inhorgenta europe 2006
"33th International Trade Fair for Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Precious Stones, Pearls and Technology"
27 000 visitors - professionals only - and 1184 exhibitors in 2004
made this fair to one of the largest fairs worldwide, covering jewelllery of all kind. Open Friday to Monday.

18.02.2006 - 22.02.2006
C-B-R 2006
"Leisure and Travel"
Since 1970 this fair succesfully covers almost all aspects of travel and tourism. This trade fair is open to the public, with direct sales.

01.03.2006 - 03.03.2006, im M,O,C,
A trade fair with a special topic: the construction and maintanance of golf courses and clubhouses. No clubs...! Since 1994 this fair is held annualy. Everybody may visit. There were 119 exhibitors from 30 countries in 2004.

02.03.2006 - 04.03.2006, im M,O,C,
In Hall 4 stamps. postcards, letters, telephone card and similar collector items are on display. You may buy and sell as you please, open not only to experts. Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

04.03.2006 - 05.03.2006,at M,O,C,
The homepage says: "In its variety of offerings Numismata is the largest numismatic exhibition of the world. The exhibition is a major numismatic event combined with ancient securities and banknotes exchange."

05.03.2006 - 08.03.2006, at M,O,C,
Twice a year, sportswear and articles on display. Open only to professionals.
Open Sunday to Wednesday, from 9 am to 6 pm. 

08.03.2006 - 09.03.2006, im M,O,C, Atrium
Only for registered professionals: the "leading preview fair for fashion textiles in Europe " Open Wedensday and Thursday, from 9 am to 6 pm. 

16.03.2006 - 22.03.2006
Garten München 2006
Since 1995 every year: Plants and flowers, seeds, bushes, garden benches. A paradise for plant lovers. Open to the public. Entrance fee 11 Euro, reduced 9/5 Euro. After 2 pm: 5 Euro    

16.03.2006 - 22.03.2006
International Trade Fair for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 2006
This annual fair is the "leading trade fair for small and medium-sized enterprises." There are two sections: PROFESSIONAL and PRIVATE. The professional section is for small and medium sized enterprises and shows tools and technology, office materials and software. The prvate setion shows furniture and housing products, "creative craft. There are real life workshops on show. Regular Entrance fee is 11 Euro, afternoon ticket is 5 Euro.

19.03.2006 - 22.03.2006
HOGA München
Fachmesse für Hotellerie, Gastronomie und Gemeinschaftsverpflegung
This is a fair for the hotel, restaurant and catering business but open to the public as well.
Kitchen equipment, foodstuffs and products of the food industry, beverages, catering equipment and the like are being shown.Moreover, there is the MBKplus,, Market Place for Butchers, Bakers and Confectioners, that takes place from March, 16 - 22, 2006, in cooperation with HOGA.
This fair is held only everytwo years.

31.03.2006 - 01.04.2006, im M,O,C,
This fair is directed to pupils who soon leave school who obtain information about possibilities of learning and education after school. The fair is held annualy.
Open Friday and Saturday from 9 to 5 h.   

April 2006, at M,O,C,
International Trade Fair for Shoes
Designer shoe wear is being shown. Only for registered professionals.
Opening hours: Friday 9:00 - 18:00, Saturday 9:00 - 18:0, Sunday 9:00 - 18:00

04.04.2006 - 07.04.2006
METAV 2006
This fair shows machinery for the production of tools for the metal industry. Lathes, drilling gear and other machines are on display, but also robots and automats for transportation, lasers and similar machines. Open to the public, biannial, open Tuesday to Friday.

04.04.2006 - 06.04.2006
Semiconductor Equipment, Materials and Services in Europe    
Annualy on 50 000 square meters., targeted to trade visitors from the semiconductor industry and the semiconductor equipment and materials industry. Admission is public.     

06.04.2006 - 07.04.2006, im M,O,C,
Directed to photo archives, artbuyes, photo journalists and advertising agencies: photos, pictures and related products are being shown. Open Thursday and Friday from     10.00   to    18.00 h. Entrance fee is 10 Euro.

06.04.2006 - 07.04.2006, M,O,C, Halle 1
marketingmesse MÜNCHEN 2006
Direct marketing, electronic marketing, Creation are the topics. Entrance is public, you need to register though. Open Thursday and Friday from 10 to 18 h.

25.04.2006 - 28.04.2006
Analytica 2006
Instrumental Analysis, Laboratory Technology and Biotechnologies.
20th International Trade Fair and Analytica Conference

Every two years professionals from the chemical industries, biology and medicine meet on one of the important congress/tradefairs. The newly coined expression "life science" describes best what it is all about: foodstuffs, medical diagnosis and pharmaceuticals. For the first time since 1968 new analytical and diagnostical instruments, substances and processes are being shown. For registered professionals only. Open Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 18 pm.

04.05.2006 - 05.05.2006, im M,O,C
Fachmesse für die internationale Zulieferindustrie der Kosmetik und artverwandter Bereiche
The homepage says: "CosmeticBusiness 2006 is the exclusive b2b-trade fair for the international supplying industry for cosmetics and therefore meeting point for the whole cosmetics market at the biggest market in Europe." Products on display relat to " Private Label, Manufacturing, Fillin, Packagings of all character, design, services, consulting, development, labelling, machines, packing, raw materials, R und D, laboratories".

16.05.2006 - 19.05.2006
2nd International Trade Fair for Automation: Assembly - Robotics - Vision
According to the homepage, AUTOMATICA is the central meeting point for manufacturersand users of assembly and handling technology, robotics, machine vision and associated technologies. Related terms are among others: Assembly - Robotics - handling technology, machine vision. The exhibition space is more than 44.000 sqm. Entrance is public. Held every two years. Open Tuesday to Friday from 9 to 17 h. Moer than 500 exhibitios (418 from Germany), more than 15 000 visitors. Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 - 17:00 h.

16.05.2006 - 19.05.2006
10th International Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment, Plant, Processes and Raw Materials for Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy
According to the Homepage the "Ceramitec is the most successful international event for the specialist world of ceramics and powder metallurgy". Professionals from the brick and tile industry meet and see the newest products that relate to stoneware, glazed tiles and sanitary ware, refractory materials, china and porcelain, sintered materials, technical ceramics and powder metallurgy.
Since 1979 this fair is held all three years and open to the public. More than 750 exhibitiors and 30 000 visitors are expected.

25.05.2006 - 28.05.2006, at M,O,C
This is a fair for entertainment hardware. Special topics include beamers and cinema surround systems. Entrance is public. Open Thursday to Sunday from 10.00   to    18.00 hours.       

Juli 2006
see above, January 2006

12.07.2006 - 16.07.2006
10th International Trade Fair for Forestry and Forest Technology with Scientific Conferences and Special Shows
For 2002, a new record was announced: more than 45 000 visitors, more than ever before.    16 per cent of the visitors came from outside of Germany, many among them fromEastern European countries. This fair is held every four years, since 1970. It tackles all aspects of forestry, including recultivation, storing of wood, heating with wood, vehicles, software. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 to 18 h.Terms the homepage mentions include planting, forest care and protection, cropping and harvesting, round timber storage, forest road and track construction and maintenance, off-road vehicles and quads, ttimber processing, woodland and conservation and recreation area, tree/countryside care and land-use engineering, EDP, measurement, first aid.

16.07.2006 - 18.07.2006
ispo - summer
Shows sport fashion and accessories, see above.

16.07.2006 - 18.07.2006
See above, shows "Fashion inspired by Sports"

August 2006, im M,O,C,
Only for registered professionals. Job fair, directed towards graduates and young professionals.        

13.08.2006 - 14.08.2006
Held twice a year, see above.

September 2006, im M,O,C
CINEC 2006
6th International Trade Fair for Motion Picture Technology, Postproduction and Event Engineering
Every two years a fair that covers the technical aspects of film making. They expect more than 140 exhibitors and more than 3000 visiting experts.

05.09.2006 - 07.09.2006, at M,O,C,
Twice a year, see above.

10.09.2006 - 13.09.2006
Twice a year, see above.

27.09.2006 - 28.09.2006
Twice a year, see above.

29.09.2006 - 01.10.2006
For the 14th time, this fair shows golf equipment, but machines and tools as well. There is an extensive ancillary program. Only for registered professionals. Exhibtion space is 30 000 square meters. Open Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm., Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Herbst 2006
On 11.000 square meters you may wander around "art of the last 5000 years, from antiquity of applied arts of the Middle Ages to radical Contemporary." Related terms include jewellery, Asian and ethnographic art, works on paper, antiquarian books, furniture, silver, glass, sculpture, art nouveau. Thera are direct sales.Open to the general public.

October 2006
8th International Commercial Property Exposition
"International platform for cross-border business: Growth in international participation, about 18,000 trade visitors, more than 1,400 exhibitors, Excellent mood in the exhibition halls...", so the homepage says. This fair is for contacts and communication: whoever "deals" with industrial property is welcome. Entrance only for registered professionals. Open Monday, Tuesday   9  -    19 h, Wednesday   9 -    18 Uhr.     

Autumn 2006
Every year on 11.000 square meters : "Fittings and furnishings for dental practices, materials, instruments, supplies, specialized literature, work clothes, DP programmes for running and organising dental practices as well as financing and insurance for dentists and dental technicians Visitor target groups: Dentists, dental technicians, assistants, students of denistry and dental technology".

Herbst 2006
"43th International Sales Exhibition (B?RSE) and German Geological Trade Fair (GEOFA) for Minerals, Fossils, Crystals, Precious Stones, Specialized Literature and Accessoires"
The fair is open to everyone. There are direct sales and you are allowed to sell, too. The exhibition space is 30.000 square meters.

October. 2006

International fair for professionals, biannual, see above.

03.10.2006 - 09.10.2006
iba 2006
World Market for Baking
"Is the leading international trade fair for bakery and pastry-making trade", according to the homepage.Held since 1949, since 1949, more than 130 000 square meters exhibition space. Terms are among others: bakery and pastry-making machinery, -refrigeration, fermenting and air conditioning technology and engineering, -baking agents, raw materials and ingredients, ice cream manufacturing, pasta manufacturing, packing machinery, equipment and material, decorative items and baking accessories, cleaning and hygiene, laboratory and measuring equipment. Opening hours: daily from 9 am to 18 pm. Catalogue 15.00 Euro. Entrance is 22 Euro.

10.10.2006 - 12.10.2006
9th International trade fair for materials applications, surface technology and product engineering .
Relates to the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering branches, to chemical engineering and plant construction, plastic and components. Also featured are "sports- and consuming goods, in search of new solutions. Most of the visitors come from the mechanical engineering and automobile branches. Also included is aerospace technology. Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm.

17.10.2006 - 19.10. 2006, at M,O,C,
International Trade Fair for Industrial Maintenance
According to the homepage,"maintenance" is one of the largest sectors in Germany and Europe. The fair is directed to the machine-manufacturing sector. Since 2005, annually held. Registration compulsory
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 - 18:00 h.
Day ticket: 20.00 Euro.

23.10.2006 - 27.10.2006
More than 80.000 visitors are expectes. This fair covers the business to business relations of the IT, media and communication branches. Since 1971 it is held every year, on more than 150 000 square meters exhibitoin space. More than 1200 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. Open Monday to Frieday from 9 am to 6 pm..

28.10.2006 - 29.10.2006, inm M,O,C
International Autumn Trade Fair for Cosmetics
More than 23.000 square meters of cosmetics and related wellness products. Only for registered professionals who work with cosmetics, drugstores, wellness studios, pharmacies. Open only Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. There is direct sale.

10.1.2006 - 12.11.2006, at M,O,C
International Wine Fair Munich,
A trade fair for wine lovers, on 4.000 square meters, one of the largest consumer trade fairs for wine in Germany. You may taste the wine, and there is direct sale. Open to the public. Items on display include "wines, sparkling wines, spirits, regional specialities and delicatessen, as well as accessories, cellar technology, literature and online services." There is an extensive ancillary programme.

14.11.2006 - 17.11.2006
components / systems / applications
Related terms are: "products and services used in the development, quality control, maintenance and repair of electronic assemblies, devices and machinery." So this is a fair for microships and similar products, for electrical engineers and distributors, for people engaged in telecommunications, mechanical engineering and software technology. First held: 1964. Held every 2 years. Exhibition space: 160.000 sqm. Admission only for registered professionals. In 2005, there were more than 3000 exhibitors and almost 75 000 visitors.

02.12.2006 - 10.12.2006, 10 - 18 Uhr
Heim+Handwerk 2006
"Makes your furnishing dreams come"
Since 1977, every year. Open to the public, this fair is consumer orientated. There is direct sale:"The popular sales exhibiton offers a wide range around the topics building, furnishing, living." On display: "Interior decoration and home equipment, kitchens and bathrooms, art and crafts, home accessories, furniture, antiques, music, television sets and video recorders, household appliances and kitchen utensils, sauna, swimming pool and garden, construction, interior work and technical facilities, tools, machinery, materials and DIY essentials, ecological construction methods and ecological way of living, rehabilitation aids, services, information and consulting stands, home design"
Opening hours: daily from 10:00 - 18:00 h.


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